Catastro & Land Registry

Sorting out legal problems with the Catastro and Land Registry Office

We can help you with a range of issues you might face: disagreements over the actual physical designation of the property; cadastral and land registry information; registering rustic property that has no cadastral reference; registering rural property in the Property Registry; questioning incorrect cadastral valuations, excessive Property Tax ; and correcting cadastral data (change of use, surface area, ownership etc.).

How to deal with all of these issues?

It is quite common for the same property to have different surface areas registered in the Property Registry and the Catastro, or even that the real surface area is not registered in either office.

It is highly advisable that you regularize all this documentation to safeguard your owner’s rights and to avoid any problems with your neighbours.

The important thing is that the real surface area is shown in the Property Registry (and that it is in the name of the true owner) because it is Property Registry information that will determine veracity and provide protection against third parties. Until very recently, the property’s cadastral reference was not indicated in the title deeds, so it was difficult to physically locate the registered property without plans and / or coordinates; for this reason, correct cadastral information has always been very useful.

Ideally, there should be complete agreement between the registry and cadastral information and the physical reality, likewise, that the finca (farm, land) is recorded in the Registry with the cadastral reference (all of which coincide).

However, if this is not the case, steps will have to be taken (as laid out in Article 199 of the Mortgage Law) to update said information and register everything correctly.

  • In some cases (if the physical reality coincides with the cadastral information but not with the registry information), the cadastral certification will have to be recorded at the Registry, using the cadastral information to describe the property.

  • and in others (if the physical reality does not coincide with either the cadastral or registry information), alternative data will have to be presented, and the finca will be registered with this new description.

In all cases, the Registrar must notify the neighbouring fincas affected and the registered owners before registering the graphic identification of the land.